Northville 5 and 10 Cent Store
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The Northville Five and Dime Store is the oldest 5 and 10 in the U. S. still operating today, having been started in 1907 by R. G. DeWitt on Main Street in Northville, NY and moved into the current building in 1914. The current building was constructed in 1912 - 1914 by James Willard who moved a large Queen Anne Style home, that was on the site, to the corner of Division and First Street. James then constructed the current building to have the dime store of R.G. DeWitt. The date of 1914 is emblazoned in the front building facade above the second story.


It's been a Five and Dime store ever since and was purchased by the present owners in 1997. Today it still has the original hardwood floors which have inlaid stars and old coins embedded in the floor near the front door. You can also view the original embossed tin ceilings and stained glass windows. Alberta Blowers who has been an employee for 53 years still works behind the counter today.


Famous for 15 varieties of homemade fudge made on the premises. They have over 250 kinds of old penny and novelty candy, new and vintage toys of days gone by.


With the Northville 5 and Dime being the oldest survivor in the United States of what has become a way of life in shopping at Walmart, Family Dollar, Dollar Store, etc., it is a wonderful and fun place to educate children on how all these stores started and where it all began.


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At any time we have 12-15 varieties of fresh, homemade fudge, over 250 kinds of novelty and penny candy as well as reproduction tin toys, board games, puzzles and fun things from the past and present.

 12-15 varieties of fresh, homemade fudge

Northville 5 & 10               122 S. Main St.  Northville, NY 12134           (518) 863-4424